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VIP Rewards

When you play at Winner Poker, you collect points. These points can be used in a variety of different ways in the Winner shop. The more you play, the more points you get !

Use your points to get real cash, entries to the biggest tournaments we have, VIP bonuses with an amazing conversion ratio and a variety of poker gifts in our VIP store.

The best thing about out reward system is the points ratio per VIP level. All of our players accumulate the same points while playing, however taking your points to the VIP store, will be more beneficial if your VIP level is higher.

Earning points while playing allows you to purchase items in our VIP shop. You can turn points into real cash bonuses in the form of tournament tokens and special VIP bonuses. Winner branded clothes and poker merchandise can be purchased. Other cool gadgets such as Phones, Tablets and Laptops are also available.

  • Cash bonuses
    Buy real cash at the Winner store from $5 to $120,000. Just click on the cash box you want. We will make sure the money will go straight into your balance.
  • Tournament Ticket
    Found an interesting tournament to play at? Just choose the token for it in the tournament tokens section and play in the tournament.
  • VIP store -
    Buy electronics, clothes and poker equipment in a cheap ratio.

For any questions you have about the Winner Poker reward system please email us by clicking here .