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Earning Points

Taking advantage of Points that are accumulated through Winner's VIP Program is simple.

Points are earned according to:

  • Each raked hand in which you participate.
  • Fees for each tournament you play in.

The more raked hands you play, the higher your Point level and VIP status.

As your VIP Club status increases, so do the number and type of rewards and bonuses for which you qualify, including: Free Rolls , VIP Races and Winner Shop merchandise.

The table below displays the VIP levels, number of Monthly Accumulated Points and eligibility for the Shop, Freerolls and VIP Races.

VIP Level Monthly Points Required Store Freerolls VIP Race Cashback
Amateur 0 - + - +
Rookie 50 + + - +
Intermediate 188 + + + +
Semi-Pro 625 + + + +
Pro 1,875 + + + +
MVP 5,000 + + + +
Star 12,500 + + + +
Superstar 31,250 + + + +
Hall of Fame 62,500 + + + +

How do I earn Points?

Points are awarded to players for each hand in which they contribute money to the pot, as long as the hand is raked.

You will be rewarded with Points for every US Dollar, Euro or British Pound you generate in rake/fee, as follows:

Rake Taken Per Hand Points Awarded
€1 (EURO) 16.875
£1 (GBP) 20

Clarification: Rake taken refers to a player's contribution to a hand at a ring game table. Players receive Points according to the amount of rake they contributed to the pot.

For example:

Three players are involved in a pot. Player A contributes $20, Player B contributes €20 and Player C €10. The total pot is €50. The total rake is €2.50.
Player A contributed €1 rake (40% of the pot) and therefore will receive 16.875 Points.
Player B contributed €1 rake (40% of the pot) and therefore will receive 16.875 Points.
Player C contributed €0.50 rake (20% of the pot)and therefore will receive 8.4375 Points.

Your pending bonuses are redeemed into cash bonuses automatically as you earn Points!

Points Cash Bonus
560 £5.00