First Deposit Bonus - Get a Massive Cash Bonus on Your 1st Deposit


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Winner Welcome Package

We'll match your deposit with a 250% Bonus!

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First Deposit Bonus


Winner Poker welcomes you with a Sign Up Bonus up to a maximum of £1,200! Your first deposit at Winner Poker will entitle you to a 250% bonus, as per the conditions listed below.

First Deposit Bonus

Welcome to the wonderful world of Winner Poker!
Make your first-ever real money deposit and we will give you a 250% bonus of your deposit up to £1,500!

How the 250% First Deposit Bonus Works
Once you've made your deposit, the first deposit bonus will be issued into your account but will remain pending and you will not be able to use it right away. In order to use the First deposit bonus you need to release it.

How Do I release my First Deposit Bonus?
The First Deposit Bonus is released by earning Winner Poker Points by playing real money games on Winner Poker.
Every time you reach 560 Winner Poker Points we'll credit your Winner Poker account with £5 cash form your bonus. You have three months (90 days) from your qualifying deposit to earn all the Points needed to release your full bonus balance. Giving you plenty of time to get going and make your mark at the poker tables!
Poker points are earned by playing at our cash tables and in any Winner tournament

How do I accumulate Poker points?
Winner Poker Points are earned at ring games based on a player's contribution to the rake taken during each hand. Winner Points are also awarded at tournament play. For information on how to accumulate Poker points please see the table below.

Rake Taken Per Hand Points Awarded
£1 (EURO) 16.875
£1 (GBP) 20

Clarification: Rake taken refers to a player's contribution to a hand at a ring game table. Players receive Points according to the amount of rake they contributed to the pot.

For example:

  • • Three players are involved in a pot. Player A contributes £20, Player B contributes £20 and Player C £10. The total pot is £50. The total rake is £2.50.
  • • Player A contributed £1 rake (40% of the pot) and therefore will receive 20 Points.
  • • Player B contributed £1 rake (40% of the pot) and therefore will receive 20 Points.
  • • Player C contributed £0.50 rake (20% of the pot) and therefore will receive 10 Points.

Tracking Your Bonus

To view the pending Bonus Balance and the Winner Poker Point Balance please check the "My Account" page of the Winner Poker Lobby.

Currency Rates

The following table shows the bonus and clearance rate for Winner Poker. 

Currency Maximum Bonus Clearance Rate
GBP (£) £1,500 560 Points per £5

For Example: A £5 bonus will be issued for every 560 Points that a player earns. A player who has earned 537 Points will need to earn another 23 Points to receive a bonus payment.

Contact if you have any questions about Winner Poker deposit bonuses.

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is for customers aged 18+ who have not previously accepted any welcome bonus offer.
  • This offer is only valid to depositing players making their FIRST deposit at
  • The First deposit bonus is issued upon the first deposit of the player.
  • The First deposit bonus is 250% of a player first deposit up to 1500£.
  • The First deposit bonus is issued upon a player's first deposit.
  • The First Deposit Bonus is released to players by earning Winner Poker Points at ring games and tournaments. For more information about Winner Poker Points please click here
  • At ring games, Points are awarded to players for each hand according to the amount of rake contributed in that hand to the pot, as long as the hand is raked. Points are also awarded based on the fees paid by the player when buying-in to a tournament.
  • Bonuses are released to players according to the number of Points a player has earned. Each 560 points accumulated 5 £ form the bonus is released.
  • Players cannot earn Points in "Play Money" games.
  • The release of the bonus chunks will be made automatically upon accumulating the required amount of points mentioned in the table above.
  • Players will continue to accumulate Points as they play, and further releases of bonus chunks will be made automatically
  • Bonus expiration: Players qualifying for this unique offer have three months (90 days) from the bonus issue to accumulate the necessary Points required to release their First Deposit Bonus. If the required amount of points is not accumulated by this time, a Player will forfeit the part of the bonus that wasn't redeemed.
  • The promoter is
  • In the interest of fair gaming all bonuses linked with deposits must both be turned over in ‎the product where the deposit has been made. Using same funds in several products in order ‎to obtain multiple bonuses may be considered as bonus abuse.